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In our Rappahannock County based blog, Rappahannock Cook & Kitchen Gardener, a post sometimes focuses on one genus, one species or one cultivar: what’s my experience with it? how did it grow? what was the yield? anything interesting about it (good or bad)? how did it taste? what it kitchen-worthy? (or I may just wax poetic or ramble about its history…. that sort of things). Sometime there will be a recipe in that same post (but, if you are specifically looking for the Recipe Index, go here)


Updated: November 9, 2012


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© Apples

© Autumn Olive, Elaeagnus umbellata 

© Corn - ‘Hickory King’

© Chayote (aka mirliton, vegetable pear, chouchou, xoxo), Sechium edule: Starting Chayote & Growing Chayote in VA

© Combava (Kaffir Lime), Citrus hystrix

© Red Currants

© Elder, Sambucus canadensis

© Growing Figs in the Northern Virginia Piedmont

© Ground cherries, Physalis peruviana

© Jerusalem Artichoke aka sunroot or sunchoke, Helianthus tuberosus

© Lemon Verbena

© Mache (aka corn salad or lamb’s lettuce)

© Okra

© Pawpaw, Asimina triloba and more here too

© Pepper, Sweet - ‘Sweet Banana’

© Sorrel

© Spicebush, Lindera benzoin

© Strawberries

© Strawberry - ‘Tristar’

© Swiss Chard

© Watermelon - ‘Blacktail Mountain’