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Laughing Duck Gardens & Cookery

Cookery Services

Cooking fresh and from-scratch, cooking using wholesome ingredients and cooking every day is both a way of life and a passion. Food is a way to connect with friends and family. We are here to help you do that.

Dinner Parties:

We provide cookery services for special occasions and small private dinner parties (up to 24 people) where we come to your home to prepare and serve a special occasion dinner, be it a birthday, an anniversary or just a good time with friends. Our Refined Country Cookery emphasizes freshness, seasonality and flavor, using locally sourced (and often locally grown or raised) ingredients prepared carefully with a little flair (and plenty of herbs from the garden). Check out more details here and sample dinner party menus. Contact us and let us know what you need: we can create a menu to perfectly fit your occasion.

Small Events:

For small events (up to 75 guests), we offer personalized season-focused menus with many ingredients sourced locally cooked in your kitchen or in the event kitchen. We call it in-home catering, and while we need to take a look at the kitchen before proposing menus, it does not take a fancy kitchen to cook for 75 people! Just a carefully thought-out menu and time management. We particularly recommend that the focus of the banquet be cooked outside, maybe a lamb roast or a pig roast or smoked chickens. After discussing your event, dietary requirements, your site conditions and your budget, we propose 2 or three custom menus for your selection. We shop, prep, cook, serve & clean. Check out more details here and sample menu events here, and call us for your next big bash! Remember, all menus are fully customized for your event.

Every Day Cookery Services:

Our cookery services are often referred to as “personal chef services”. The typical personal chef service lets you select from a set of existing menus, for which the chef then shops, and comes to your house to prepare, cook and package an agreed upon number of entrees for a set fee. And clean afterwards. We do that - and more.  See our Everyday Cookery Page for all the services we offer. And remember: we take into account your diet requirements (calorie restriction, low carb, low-fat, vegetarian, vegan, raw food etc) and food preferences, and we also draw from several cooking traditions to ensure flavors and variety.

Week-end Cookery Packages:

If you want to enjoy your stay in the country - while eating good food prepared with many local ingredients - without having to think about it, shop for it, and let alone cook it, we have a solution for you. Whether it’s a week or a whole week, whether it’s you own home or whether you are staying at a vacation rental, the Week-end & Vacation Cookery Packages will help you

Cookery Workshops, Classes & Coaching

The current schedule is listed here. Any of those classes - and many other (including shorter classes) - can be taught privately one on one, or for a group. A private cooking class makes a fun birthday gathering, a fund-raiser with a different flavor, or a great pretext to gather a bunch of friends.

Gift Certificates:

Gift certificates are available and can be mailed to you or your recipient of choice. More details here.